AHHC provides your access to success. We offer sound solutions for business management, focusing on the health care industry.

Business Promotion

Marketing and Business Promotion plays a vital factor in the overall development of your business. In the healthcare industry, marketing and promotion focus on gaining client trust, usually by showing off the company or agency’s credibility and certifications, Testimonies, and a Brief Summary of its comprehensive service coverage.

At Atlas Home Health Consulting, LLC, we will help you bank on more solid ground as we find the most appropriate promotion strategy that will boost your company’s growth even greater among your competitors. This we do, by setting a clear examination on the following areas:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Community Awareness Development
  • Low Cost Options for Promotion
  • Current Market Review, Analysis, Critique, Recommendations
  • Business Brochures, Letterhead, Flyers, Logo, etc.
  • Education and Training of staff in the -areas of Business Promotion, Marketing, Referral and Client Development.

Are you thinking of a creative way for advertising? Partner with the best today and we will roll that creativity into reality in no time. Call Atlas Home Health Consulting, LLC today at 301-220-0436.

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